Clachtoll Cottage

A charming holiday rental in a stunning location


The area is ideal for a wide variety of walks. Either low level into the interior or along the coastline. For those who prefer high level experiences, the mountains in Assynt are iconic and offer spectacular views from their dramatic summits.]

Beautiful beaches and easy access to the sea encourage swimming, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, powerboating, snorkeling and diving.

For those who wish to just switch-off and relax, Clachtoll Cottage is the ideal location for delightful in-activity. Relax in paradise .

The follow sites give information relating to things to do when at Clachtoll Cottage

Boats trips in the North West

Eating out

Ceramics studios



Historic and Nature


If weather conditions are suitable, Bill often offers guests at the house the opportunity of a boat tour of the coast. At other times, he may be available for guided walks or Open Canoe expeditions.

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