Clachtoll Cottage

A charming holiday rental in a stunning location


Everyone who visits Clachtoll becomes enchanted by the experience. Be prepared to become entranced by the dramatic rock and mountain scenery and hypnotised by the endless undulation of the sea and the ever-changing light.

Visitors experience a vast, almost timeless landscape, with history encapsulated in the stone remnants scattered through the area.

Assynt engenders a magnetic pull on those exposed to its charms. The north west is described as one of the last great wilderness areas in Europe. It is a mecca for geologists, a paradise for birdwatchers and naturalists, and a rewarding challenge for hillwalkers.

Assynt is an area of endless interest.

The garden encloses an important historical settlement, including the remains of Norman McLeod's house and some of the original buildings at Clachtoll. A Pictish Broch is located within yards of the 30 acre croft. A 300 year old quern found under the flagstones in one of the ruins is now a feature of the wall above the fireplace in the lounge.